Frank Pezhold



Frank Petzold is an internationally acclaimed director and has been working in film for over 25 years. Whether working in film or television, Frank is creating cutting edge visuals. Before stepping into the world of directing, award-winning vfx-supervisor Frank Petzold enjoyed a successful career in Germany as a director of photo­graphy, specializing in shoots with visual effects components. In the early 1990's, Frank joined Tippett Studio in California to supervise and direct vfx work for major Hollywood feature films. Starting with the cult classic 'Starship Troopers' he quickly moved from one big blockbuster to the next, including Armageddon, Matrix, Hollow Man, The Ring, The Golden Compass and many others. Working closely with directors, such as Paul Verhoven, Steven Spielberg, FrankOz, Gore Verbinsky, Ivan Reitman and Brett Rattner, he learned how to bring the story to life. The MGM action feature 'Hercules' is one of his latest projects, to be released in mid. 2014. With his extensive experience working with big budgets and star actors, he began directing complex commercials for the international market. Having learned from only the best, Frank now keeps busy directing, conceptualizing, and supervising commercials as well as providing his expertise on feature films. He is a member of the VFX society since 1999.